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About Olga Pankova

Eclectic, yet harmonious, Olga's artwork resides in a domain full of fun
 dreams. As Russian National, born in the USSR, she developed and
honed her melodious
 style from studies in art and design.

Initially a ceramic and glass designer-artist, as well as an established cartoonist
in Tashkent, she was touched by her rich experiences in life.

Olga graduated from The Republican Art Collage "P.Benkova" as an Artist-Designer
from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She can be reached at: olga@olgazparteez.com

You can view some of her other art works at http://www.olgazart.com
Olga also provides a live event artistry service, see here for details:

Contact details can be viewed by clicking here!

"Thanks to all of you that hire me and allow me the privilege of letting me use
your skin as my canvas." - Olga

The Online Art Gallery of Olga Pankova - Original Art and Prints

Face painting services for Toronto, Markham and the surrounding areas.